I’m Back! Welcome To The New Site

Welcome to my brand new website. You may have noticed that I took a pretty long break from uploading my music online. Now i’m back and I have lots of new track ideas and things to share with you. Perfect time for a new site!

So Where Did I Go?

Well since releasing Lovesick Loverboy, Simply Spellbound and Picture Of Perfection, I have had an extremly busy time working within the music industry.

I have completed contracts performing abord Cruise Ships for lines such as Celebrity and Princess Cruises, a load of shows on land. I then became more focused on songwriting and production and have largely been working online.

I have also been very busy working for a Music Publishing company called Cinephonix who essentially provide the background music for TV shows and films (mainly the BBC). This has envolved some cool projects such as making a mockup for Netflix. It has also taught me a lot about music Sync. To date Lovesick Loverboy alone has had over 30 placements!

On top of all this I’ve been advising a Music Artificial Intelligence Company called Tonal Flow on a really interesting web app.

I don’t intend on going back to the ships (especially not with the Coronavirus ongoing at time of writing), so here I am!